v. & n.
1 put or take into a higher position.
2 (often foll. by up) cause to rise or stand up or be vertical; set upright.
3 increase the amount or value or strength of (raised their prices).
4 (often foll. by up) construct or build up.
5 levy or collect or bring together (raise money; raise an army).
6 cause to be heard or considered (raise a shout; raise an objection).
7 set going or bring into being; rouse (raise a protest; raise hopes).
8 bring up; educate.
9 breed or grow (raise one's own vegetables).
10 promote to a higher rank.
11 (foll. by to) Math. multiply a quantity to a specified power.
12 cause (bread) to rise with yeast.
13 Cards a bet more than (another player). b increase (a stake). c Bridge make a bid contracting for more tricks in the same suit as (one's partner); increase (a bid) in this way.
14 abandon or force an enemy to abandon (a siege or blockade).
15 remove (a barrier or embargo).
16 cause (a ghost etc.) to appear (opp. LAY(1) 6b).
17 colloq. find (a person etc. wanted).
18 establish contact with (a person etc.) by radio or telephone.
19 (usu. as raised adj.) cause (pastry etc.) to stand without support (a raised pie).
20 Naut. come in sight of (land, a ship, etc.).
21 make a nap on (cloth).
22 extract from the earth.
1 Cards an increase in a stake or bid (cf. sense 13 of v.).
2 esp. US an increase in salary.
Phrases and idioms:
raise Cain see CAIN. raised beach Geol. a beach lying above water level owing to changes since its formation. raise the devil colloq. make a disturbance. raise a dust
1 cause turmoil.
2 obscure the truth. raise one's eyebrows see EYEBROW. raise one's eyes see EYE. raise from the dead restore to life. raise one's glass to drink the health of. raise one's hand to make as if to strike (a person). raise one's hat (often foll. by to) remove it momentarily as a gesture of courtesy or respect. raise hell colloq. make a disturbance. raise a laugh cause others to laugh. raise a person's spirits give him or her new courage or cheerfulness. raise one's voice speak, esp. louder. raise the wind Brit. procure money for a purpose.
raisable adj.
Etymology: ME f. ON reisa, rel. to REAR(2)

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